On-Air Lineup

6a-10a Whip

Whip PictureWhip’s first taste of radio was when he was a 9-year-old calling into morning shows in Denver and winning sports trivia contests.  The DJs hated him.  In fact, he’s pretty sure he’s the reason radio stations instituted a “must be 12 years old to win” rule.   He got his start in radio at his college’s station.  After flunking, er, dropping out of school, he found a disc jockey job at a station in Santa Fe and has been chasing it ever since.  Whip’s worked all over the country including New York, where he got into a well-publicized on-air spat with his co-worker, Howard Stern. Guess who won that one?!  Whip’s been married for many years and has two kids in college. He’s a huge sports fan, especially baseball and football, and sings in a punk rock band.

10a-3p Maria Danza

Maria DanzaMaria was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and then relocated to Dallas, where she attended the University of North Texas and graduated with a BA in Radio, TV and Film.  Her love of music, and lack of ability to sing, dance or play instruments led her to radio, where she’s been for almost 30 years!  She loves spending time with family, and volunteering at the animal shelter (she has two rescue dogs and one cat of her own).  Maria loves collecting vintage Barbies from the 60’s and 70’s.  Nostalgia is her thing!​

3p-8p Dan Dimaria

Dan DiMaria Picture (1)Dan was born into a large family from New York so he learned early to either talk louder or get a microphone.  He chose the latter and got his first job in radio when he was 14.  Sports has always been a love of Dan’s whether he’s actively playing or watching from the sidelines.  He’s big on family and friends too, and always enjoys nature with his hiking trips and his new hobby of firing up the BBQ smoker.  Dan’s mostly casual all the way with 50% of his wardrobe being rock T-shirts.

8p-1a Steve Millin

Steve_MillinSteve’s obsession with radio hit early.  He once used the white plastic AM unit to try to make cookies on its warm top, using dough snatched from the kitchen while mom was distracted. Realizing radio had greater power than as an Easy Bake Oven™, Steve kept exploring where he fit into the matrix, snagging songs and inserting his own announcements on a cassette recorder. He joined his high school radio club, and in his twenties, was broadcasting from a garage for a pirate radio station. Steve eventually landed a “real” gig in Denver spending several years handling overnights entertaining the insomniacs, third shifters, and vampires.  Steve’s passion for music and other creative pursuits extend beyond radio: He plays bass in a roots band, was the lead actor in a horror film that somehow managed to get on Russian national television, and has been known to sport a top hat and emcee circus events. And if you’re looking to get hitched, he’s also an ordained minister.

1a-6a Timm Morrison

Timm Morrison Picture (1)Timm’s love of radio takes him back to when he first cracked the mic as a senior at his high school radio station.  Over 35 years later he still can’t get enough of it.  People often ask him about the extra ‘M’ in his first name.  That goes way back to 7th grade when his nickname was “Tim with 2 M’s.”  It’s stuck ever since.  In his spare time Timm enjoys golf, doing ‘dad duties’ (anything that sounds fun to his son Brock and daughter Alexis), golf, and watch collecting.  We mentioned golf twice because he plays a lot! Timm LOVES music and is truly blessed to be doing what he loves for a living!